Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red lips baby!

I *NEVER* ever thought I would be in the red lipstick camp but after reading several posts from bloggers that have tried it, I wanted to give it a try. I normally only wear Clinique black honey, urban decay gloss or nothing. However, I had seen some bloggers look so cute and chic wearing really bold pink (nars schiap) or red. On Saturday, I went to Nordstrom and started first at the Mac counter. I tried 2 bright pinks and the results were nothing less than disastrous. Think barbie convertible pink and my olive complexion---ICK! It really looked horrible and as if I were really trying hard to look 17. I was ready to run out of the store but the makeup lady gave me a deep, true red to try. She insisted on me putting on primer first, using lip liner and then applying the lipstick. It was dramatic......but I really liked it! I usually wipe off all my makeup after trying it on but I actually wore it the rest of the day. I kept on looking at myself in the rearview to make sure I wasn't too Bozo-esque but it actually looked nice. I wasn't bold enough to try to take pics but sometime soon, I promise;) I would appreciate any tips though---what types/colors do you use for the rest of your face when going with red lipstick. I am sure it is very basic and light but I would appreciate any specific feedback!

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rebecca said...

I love the red lips look but I don't wear them very often. It's just so bold!