Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recent purchases

I have felt so uninspired lately with summer fashion. It is hard to be creative, accessorize and not wear something really light when it is 90+degrees. However, I have made a few purchases; here they are:
Yes, I fell prey to the whole boat shoes trend.
I was at Lord & Taylor and saw these Sperry in the bronze metallic and could not resist:)

Surprise--another striped dress. I have decided though--THIS IS IT. After seeing pictures where all I am wearing are striped dresses, I have made the decision that I am done!

I couldn't resist this shirt on sale from jcrew---It is too hot to wear it now but I think it will be perfect for late summer and fall. 


Alana said...

I almost got that pink shirt from jcrew, but button downs always look off on me...I loved it, otherwise. Great shoes!

Alana said...

I meant, I almost got that blue gingham shirt in pink!

Sara said...

And I thought you looked so nice in all your Italy pictures...I am sincerely always inspired by your wardrobe choices :)