Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on....shut up!

Yes, it's weekend time. What are you doing to enjoy this lovely, boiling weather? My lovely friend, Kimberly, has arranged a rafting outing for us today to be followed by lunch and a possible pedicure. I am glad to be doing anything near water as the thought of submerging myself sounds divine. Tomorrow, another sweet friend has suggested the beach---isn't that the perfect outing for a Saturday? I am hoping to find canned champagne and fruit for us to enjoy on the sand (canned champagne idea came from Kate). Finally, Sunday, my husband will be competing in an Olympic triathlon; he has worked very hard training so I will be there cheering him on and taking pictures. As far as more recent purchases, I ordered the CUTEST pair of glasses from this website and can't wait to receive them. My prescription is very slight but the cute frames they offered and the home try-on pushed me to pull the trigger on the Langston style. I am super impressed with their customer service thus far and I will post a follow up as soon as I receive them.
So, what are YOU doing this weekend? Staying indoors and staying cool or braving the heat? I want to know:)

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