Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Wow, it seems like I just left but it was a wonderful 11 days in Italy. We spent 8 days in Senigallia (Marche region) and 3 days in Rome. I am not exactly sure where to start so I guess I will begin with food. I am not normally a big fan of Italian food (bought in US) except for pizza but the food was very, very good there and the biggest difference I noticed was the freshness and richness of taste compared to Italian food here. Here are some pics:
this was an octopus antipasti dish

A black risotto with langoustines

I am IN LOVE with Pizza Napoli---mozarella, tomatoes and anchovies

I loved how you could get vino frizzante (sparkling wine) right on the beach

this was spaghetti cacio e pepe (pecorino and pepper)--it was so simple but very delicious

spaghetti and clams

I never usually drink capuccinos but had several in Italy--they were always perfect

another food bonus was that any time you order a drink in a bar/pub, you always get little snacks served with it


Sara said...

Really looks delicious...I would be curious to know if you found food and drink to be expensive. Looks like you had great weather, too!

Alana said...

Great pics! You've incited some jealousy over here!