Friday, May 20, 2011

Prom time!!!

Well, not quite. It's semi formal time in my corner of the world and BOY is everyone in a tizzy. I could actually feel the frisson of excitement in the air today at school. As imagined, many many girls left early for hair, makeup, and nail appointments. I heard several colleagues saying how unnecessary, shallow, ridiculous, etc. this was but I couldn't help feel excited for them. I don't know exactly why but there is something so exciting and magical about getting all dressed up and going to a formal and not knowing exactly what will happen. I also could not get enough of the girls showing me their cameras and phones with pictures of their dresses---I am telling you that this excitement is contagious! Also, it made me realize that dresses have come a LONG way. Here is a small pic of my junior prom dress....Jessica McClintock all the way;)  It is a bit more modest than the dresses that will be worn tonight but, hey, styles change.  Here's to hoping everyone has a fantastic night tonight at SEMI!

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Sara said...

Jessica McClintock, that is a blast from the past!! I also was a fan back in the day...thanks for the memories :)