Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get fit or get out!

I admit it....... I have a celebrity crush on Sean T, the trainer from the insanity workouts. First thing that I love---he actually does the workout with you instead of just shouting commands!  I always associated workout tapes(how old am I?)/dvds with silly, Fonda-type aerobics that would not really work up a sweat. How wrong was I after doing a few workouts with the Insanity DVD with Sean T. I would post a pic of myself afterward completely drenched in sweat if I didn't think you would scream and chase me with a stick;) I was seriously that sweaty and nasty....and it felt great! It's so nice to feel like I got a thorough, pain-inducing workout without leaving the house on a rainy day like today. I have Jesse G. to thank for introducing me to this workout. It is SO hard and rewarding. It's perfect for those days when you can't drag yourself to the gym and don't want to go for a run outdoors. What do you do to sweat and keep fit? No matter what workout I try, sweating heavily is a requirement for me. I know that sounds quite foul but I like to feel that I really challenged myself and made my body work. There is something about a long, hard run or a tough class that is just good for the soul. What are your thoughts?

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Sara said...

I sweat so easily, so for me mote of a marker of a good work out for me is if I can feel it the nr"t day or even better, that evening. Hardest for me is findng and making the time for a work out. I find it easiest on the weekend. What with going to the park almost every day that takes a real chunk of time out, although the leisurely walk I do there certainly doesnt count as a workout.