Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are they worth it?

What are your feelings on high-end or "it" bags? I like the idea of having one (or 3) classic, really luxe bags but am unsure how to define a classic or something that I will want to keep for years. I did the whole Louis Vuitton Speedy a few years ago and, while it is a classic look, I found the material too constricting and not really worth the price. Also, if you spend the dough on a really nice bag, don't you want it to FEEL nice and worth it? I just couldn't justify 700$ on a classic bag that was from canvas material and not leather. Currently, I am lusting over the Chloe Paraty and the Balenciaga work bag. They prices are sky high, to me, so it would definitely be a splurge and a reward for my upcoming raise next year. 

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Sara said...

I think it would be worth it to you because you would get use out of it and really make it an authentic part of your daily wardrobe...and you can always re-sell the older models you have become less enamored of.