Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Early mid-life crisis?

Wow, it's been quite some time. This topic has been on my mind for months but wasn't exactly sure how to approach or discuss it. I think I have definitely experiences some form of "is this it?" mid-life crisis the past year or so. When I turned 25 and 30, I did not relate at all to others who felt like they needed to be married, with kids, further along in life, etc. I pretty much felt the same and approached these birthdays in an easygoing manner. However, the past year has been an upheaval. From having major doubts about my marriage, whether to have children, to generally being happy in life, I have been questioning every aspect of my life. I also finally took the advice of others to talk to a therapist; it was somewhat helpful, but not the end all solution by any means.
I made some overarching changes to my  life but even those did not really give me a sense of completeness or resolution. I am feeling better in general but, I'm wondering, has anyone else felt this so intensely? Also, I realize that I have a job, my health, wonderful friends and a loving partner so I have absolutely nothing to complain about or be unhappy with. If you have felt it, how did you get over it? How did you really figure out what you want out of life?
It's not exactly happy hour conversation and I've been afraid to bring it up with work friends or even really close friends. I would love to hear some feedback.

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Melissa Blake said...

I'll be 31 tomorrow and I still have those thoughts sometimes. So, you're not the only one, believe me...