Wednesday, June 15, 2011

80's nostalgia

I'm not exactly where this came from but lately I have been obsessed with songs of my past. Youtube is amazing for finding those old songs and videos. Here are some of my favorites and associated memories:
Waterfront---Cry...for some reason, this reminds me of 7th grade and having unrequited crushes

Heaven help me---again, reminds me of crushes and being a nerdy chic w/glasses and braces

omg--who didn't sing this song when skating around the skating rink???

this reminds me of riding to school and loving the hook in this song

again, wished a boy would sing(want to sing) this to me--do u detect a theme?

It has been so much fun watching these videos and listening to the songs again---I can practically feel my teen angst again! What are some of your faves and moments associated with them?

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Sara said...

I had completely forgotten about those songs, but very fond memories of heaven help me...I almost came in and serenaded you in your orange dress, but I didn't want to mess with the vibe. I did however disrupt the serenity of the park by playing those 2 songs outloud while I was on my walk yesterday :) Thanks for the blast from the past!!